Artist Statement

"Being both a formally and a self educated artist, I have always been interested in social/political issues as the major forces that shape our life, and their effect on the average person's struggle to survive and rise.

I had my first solo exhibition at the age of 13.

Inspired by Salvador Dali and the surrealist movement, my artistic style of expression is surrealism and symbolism. I am continuously experimenting with different mediums but my favourite remains oil on canvas.

As an artist, I feel that it is my duty to reveal the contrast between the harmonious relationship of the individual with nature, as opposed to the man-made, often artificial connections developed in the modern society.
While my artworks speak for themselves, I want to present these issues from a different, unique angle hoping to stop viewers and encourage them to think."

Alex Jobbagy has been awarded the prestigious Pro Cultura Hungarica Memorial Award by the Hungarian Minister of Cultural Heritage for his artistic work.
This award is given to non-Hungarian citizens in recognition of their “outstanding merits in promoting and popularizing the values of the Hungarian culture abroad, and enriching the cultural relations between Hungary and other nations.”